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Corner of a Roof Gutter

Aluminum Eavestrough Service

Most people don't dream about cleaning their gutters and eavestroughs. At Edwards Roofing Inc. we are no exception. That's why we offer installation of clog-free gutters. Durable and long-lasting, eavestroughs with gutter guards virtually eliminate the need for seasonal cleaning. So why spend time cleaning your gutters when you can enjoy your beautiful Oakville backyard?


Continuous Eavestroughs

Available in 5", 6" and ½ round, seamless eavestroughs offer protection from damage caused by the weight of snow and debris and the freeze/thaw cycle. We install Alu-Rex gutters that can also reduce water seepage into your roof, prevent the risk of wood rot, reduce ice patches on the ground and eliminate rotting debris in your eavestroughs.


Contact Mark for more information about our soffit and fascia repair services.

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